Baby Sitting

download (1)  Hey guys! So, just a few days ago I was watching my baby brother when he PUKED ALL OVER MY FAVE JEANS! Then 2 seconds later he gave me this mischievous smile like he was saying, ” Hehe, suker! you did it to mom & dad, now I return the favour.” I could not help but laughing , he is SO CUTE )-=/ (-=!!



Hey I just want to talk about some art. I am considering myself a pre-artist right now, I am going to post some pics i colored and I would like u guys to say what you thinot done pic of me and sisnk about them.My bros and sis 

Photography Everywhere

So, I’ve been looking on the web for some cool pics for some videos and cards I’ve been making for my friends and I am totally blown away by the things people are doing these days. Some are just amazing and some are just, like, WOW. On my gmail account ( btw my email is ) there are some themes you can have and I was looking around for something cool, BAM! The most amazing photography was on there. I was totally astounded! If you have a gmail account you should check it out! 


Hi, Today i just want to talk about my school. I go to St Thomas Aquinas. Now my school is exceptional! I love the teachers, students, and principle.They teach us great, they make sure we understand the material, and always have fun with us. The school’s mission is” St Thomas Aquinas Catholic Grade School is a partnership of parents, students,and parishioners who together nurture the growth of students in faith, knowledge, and service.”

This is a great school and if you are planning to send a kid to school somewhere this is where you want to send them.

Jae out!